Transparent Government

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The City of Kennedale Strives To:

Keystones of Open Government


  • Recognition of the public's right to know
  • Proactive publication of information


  • Clear standards of behavior
  • Limiting conflicts of interest


  • Approachability and active collaboration
  • Clear and comprehensive information
Combined Tax Assessment Distribution
Graph Showing Revenues Expenditures per Capita Fiscal Years 2012 through 2016
  1. Anonymous Fraud Hotline 833-490-0007 Opens in new window

    Residents and employees are urged to report any unethical or fraudulent behavior by employees or anyone acting in an official capacity for the City of Kennedale. If you have observed improper actions, please use one of the methods below to make an anonymous report:

    NOTE: When reporting via email or fax, you must include the company name ("City of Kennedale" with your report).