Financial Policies


The primary purpose of financial policies is to provide guidelines for the City Council and staff to use in making financial decisions that ensure core services are maintained, and the Council’s vision for the community is achieved. In addition, financial policies provide a level of security for the community by ensuring residents that tax dollars are being utilized openly, legally, efficiently and effectively, as well as in a manner that provides insulation from fiscal crisis and economic disruption.

Policies Review & Adoption
Financial Management Policy 06-18-2018
Fraud Policy 06-18-2018
Fund Balance Policy 06-18-2018
Grant Submission & Acceptance Policy 06-18-2018
Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy 06-18-2018
Internal Controls & Cash Handling Policy 06-18-2018
Investment Policy 06-18-2018
Procurement Card Program Policy 06-18-2018
Purchasing Policy 03-05-2018
Unclaimed Property Policy 06-18-2018

Note: The City of Kennedale will make every effort to update policies online as soon as they are revised and approved by the Council. Please check with the Finance Department to ensure that the most recent policy is provided before making any actions based on this site.