Financial Policies

By establishing guidelines and parameters that Council and staff must follow when making financial decisions, the policies below serve to ensure that core services are maintained and that Council's vision for the community is furthered. Additionally, these policies offer a level of assurance to tax-payers that their dollars are being spent in a transparent, legal, efficient, and effective manner that also seeks to provide insulation against fiscal crises or economic downturns.

Financial Management Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Fraud Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Fund Balance Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Grant Submission and Acceptance Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Internal Controls and Cash Handling Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Investment Policy (PDF)
Procurement Card Program Policy (PDF)06-18-2018
Purchasing Policy (PDF)06-15-2021
Unclaimed Property Policy (PDF)06-18-2018

Note: Staff makes every effort to update the policies above as they are revised and adopted by Council, but please confirm with the Finance Department that you are consulting the current policy before taking any actions based on the information published here.