Fostering Positive Competition

The City of Kennedale does not have a centralized purchasing department. The Finance Department provides assistance to all departments in the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, and services, as well as the transfer and/or disposal of these items. The Finance Department also maintains the City's Bid List. However, individual departments are ultimately responsible for securing quotes, issuing bids, generating Request For Bids (RFB)/Request For Proposals (RFP)/Request For Qualifications (RFQ), and the advertising and tabulation of those bids or proposals.

View Open Bid or Proposal Requests

Purchases Equal To Or Less Than $3000

No formal quotes are required. Consultation of the Bid List is not required.

Purchases Over $3,000 But Less Than $50,000

Three (3) formal quotes are required. The Bid List must be referenced.

Purchases $50,000 & Above

A competitive process is required unless exempted by law. The Bid List must be referenced. As a local government, the City of Kennedale encourages competition among potential vendors to obtain quality goods and services at the best prices available in an effort to maximize tax dollars. For all purchases over $50,000, you can utilize the current Notify Me function to be alerted. In addition, the City notifies the public via its newspaper of record, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Bid List

The city has established a Bid List, which is a database of all vendors who have expressed an interest in conducting business with the City. Departments are required to utilize this list whenever a purchase over $3,000 is being considered. For specific Bid List inquiries, please call 817-985-2105 or fill out a Bid List submission. For additional information, refer to the adopted Purchasing Policy (PDF).