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“Government works best with an active and engaged citizenry, and in a small town like Kennedale, resident input and participation are especially vital. Several boards have vacancies, and we invite you to apply,” said Mayor Brian Johnson in the July 2016 edition of the TownCenter Herald. “Nobody other than you can provide your unique viewpoint on city issues.” 

The City of Kennedale is always looking for enthusiastic residents who are eager to take an active role in shaping the community’s future. Our advisory boards thrive on the knowledge and dedication of those willing to volunteer their time and talents. These boards supply recommendations and guidance to Council, and are an invaluable resource to staff. Like the Mayor and Council, board members are volunteers, but are paid $1.00 per meeting, which allows the City to provide the maximum liability coverage available under state law.

All boards meet at City Hall (405 Municipal Drive). The regular meeting times of each board is listed on their page, and all meetings are open to the public. We do always urge you to check the calendar for the latest information, as sometimes it’s necessary to change or add meeting dates. If you’re interested in applying, there's a link to the online application below. If you have questions, please contact City Secretary Leslie Galloway at 817-985-2104 or

Interviews with Council are conducted annually in October, and appointments made at the Regular Council meeting that month. Please apply now, and we will contact all qualified applicants for interviews at the appropriate time.

All members serve two-year terms, and there are no term limits. Even-numbered board places are reappointed in even years, and odd-numbered places in odd years. Once appointed, all board members are required to complete the Attorney General trainings on the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act. Certificates of Completion are kept on file in the City Secretary's Office.

Ways to Apply

  • Apply Online
  • Download an applicationPDF Icon
  • Pick up an application in the City Secretary's Office in City Hall (405 Municipal Drive)

Eligibility Requirements 

  • At least one year of residency in the City of Kennedale (and continued residency for the entirety of your service)
  • Currently registered to vote in the City of Kennedale
Board Member Handbook PDF Icon

Council expects applicants to be familiar with the following governance documents:
View all Governance Documents
A thoughtfully crafted governance model forms the heart of an effective board. The City of Kennedale embraces the concept of ‘Exemplifying Excellence’ through a well-balanced set of policy governance principles that, when applied appropriately, allow governing boards and bodies to function in a manner that realizes true accountability. Policy governance is a precise system, requiring buy-in from all players and strict adherence to the model. Part of the development of this model includes producing documentation that outlines the purpose of governance itself and provides a clear blueprint for a board to follow. 

The City of Kennedale’s leadership is dedicated to providing superior services to residents, business-owners, and visitors. In doing so, City Council adopted an Ends (or Vision) Statement, through which each employee and official should filter all decisions and actions: 

“Kennedale is a family-oriented community providing a refuge from the hectic pace of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Open spaces, green belts, and trails enhance our serenity, quality of life and community. With easy access from major roadways, Kennedale is economically prosperous, business friendly and conveniently located, providing opportunities to shop, work, and play.”

Advisory Boards

The city currently maintains six advisory boards, five of which are advisory to Council, and provide feedback, updates, and recommendations on projects, actions, and other relevant topics.
One board is advisory to staff:


The city currently maintains two* quasi-judicial boards, which are tasked with enforcing public policy and making legally-binding decisions based on the authority given to the board by state law. These boards also provide feedback and updates Council:
*While these are, indeed, two separate boards, for the purposes of the City of Kennedale, all Board of Adjustment (BOA) members shall automatically serve as members of the Building Board of Appeals (BBA).

Separate Entity Boards

The city currently maintains three separate entity boards, which serve as advisory to Council, but are separate legal entities from the City of Kennedale. These boards each oversee an independent affiliate organization: 

Ad-Hoc Committees, Subcommittees, Etc.

At any time, Council or authorized boards may initiate an ad-hoc committee to provide a linkage between leadership and residents to address a specific need for a limited duration. Initiation of these committees is left to the discretion of Council or the authorized board. Previous examples include: