Simple Recycling

Simple Recycling No Longer Offering Curbside Service

Unfortunately, Simple Recycling curbside service is no longer available in the City of Kennedale. This was a service that allowed residents to recycle clothing and home goods by leaving them at the curb for pickup. This change has no effect on the curbside recycling of household waste via the green rolling bins, which is still being offered.

Simple Recycling will continue to pick up items on Wednesday mornings from the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Mission Store/Food Pantry.  If you have items that are too worn to donate to the Mission Store, place them into an orange Simple Recycling bag and leave them on the FUMC porch that faces Spiller Street. Donations for the Mission Store can be left, instead, on the porch next to the garage that faces 4th Street.

An estimated 85% of clothing ends up in landfills rather than being recycled or donated. Simple Recycling's goal is to keep millions of pounds of clothing from going to waste. Keep Kennedale Beautiful (KKB) and the City of Kennedale are proud to offer this program, which gives residents a convenient way to recycle items that they might normally throw away. Service is provided at no cost to residents or the City. 

For more information, to request additional bags, or to report that your donation was not picked up, visit SimpleRecycling or call 866-835-5068.