Apply by Friday, May 10, for the 19-20 school year.

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Member Qualifications

  • Between the ages of 15 and 19 and currently enrolled in school; and
  • Reside within the corporate boundaries of the City of Kennedale; or
  • Reside within the boundaries of the Kennedale Independent School District; or
  • Attend a state-recognized school or homeschool within the corporate boundaries of the City of Kennedale

Anything else I should know?

YAC members serve one-year terms and can apply to be reappointed each year until they graduate from school. As with all boards and commissions, YAC members are appointed by the City Council. YAC officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Historian) are chosen by the membership.

YAC has regular meetings once a month and special meetings as necessary. We always do our best to schedule those meetings around members’ other commitments.

Each February, we attend YAC Summit, a two-day conference where similar groups from across the state meet to share ideas from their communities. We also host community events (like food truck nights, movies in the park, and Trunk-or-Treat at City Hall) and volunteer at community events hosted by the City of Kennedale.


2018-19 Membership

  • Leland Murphy, Chair
  • Quincy Martin, Vice Chair
  • Kayla Guevara, Secretary
  • Hannah Stephens, Historian
  • Allen Constantino
  • Riya Patel
  • Christianah Adejokun
  • McKendry Walsh
  • Allie Murphy
  • Ryan Roller

2017-18 Membership

  • Tiffany Pavey, Chair
  • Claudia Vilchez, Vice Chair
  • Leland Murphy, Secretary
  • McKendry Walsh, Historian
  • Andrew Flanagan
  • Luke Michener
  • Haley Smith
  • Riya Patel
  • Dan Nguyen
  • Christianah Adejokun
  • Quincy Martin
  • Hannah Stephens
  • Kayla Guevara
  • Elvon Bowman
  • Allen Constantino
2016-17 Members (L-R): Sydney Michener, Tiffany Pavey, Andrew Flanagan, Claudia Vilchez, Katie Randolph (Secretary), Lexi Neifert (Vice-Chair), Carson Ham (Chair), Haley Smith, and Leanne Blind. Not Pictured: Luke Michener (Historian), Kendall Barnes, and Leland Murphy.

Mission Statement

"The City of Kennedale is a community where youth are valued and involved in planning for the future; the Kennedale Youth Advisory Council is a select group of young leaders who — through research, peer discussion, and community interaction — provide a youth perspective to City Council on a wide variety of community and youth-related issues."