Streets Department

The Streets Department provides for the safe and efficient movement of traffic throughout the city, by properly installing and maintaining signs and pavement markings.


  • Asphalt and concrete pavement
  • Barricades
  • Cleaning and mowing of easements and rights of way
  • Flashers
  • Flood Gates
  • Guardrails
  • Pavement markings
  • Sidewalks
  • Stormwater systems
  • Street signs

Who maintains our roads?

Highways and access roads are maintained by the state. Business 287 (Kennedale Parkway) is one local example. Did you know?Anytime you see a need for maintenance on a state highway (including litter or dead animals), you can submit a request online.

Streets in unincorporated Tarrant County are maintained by the county. Did you know?Sometimes street repairs within the city are completed through interlocal agreements with Tarrant County Precinct 2. In these cases, the City of Kennedale usually supplies the materials, and the county provides the workers and equipment necessary. That's why you might sometimes see Tarrant County crews working on city-maintained streets. View the projects (PDF) completed through interlocal agreements with the county over the past ten years.

Neighborhood streets and non-highway arterial (main) roadways are maintained by the city. Did you know?Street signs in Kennedale are green, but in Arlington, they're blue.

  1. Report an Electrical Service or Streetlight Outage

    If you see a downed power line, LEAVE THE AREA and call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY from a safe distance. To report an outage, call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747; submit a report online; or view outage information. To report a broken streetlight submit a report online.

    Oncor trims trees within their electrical easements. If you desire to have trees on private property trimmed that are in close proximity to the lines running between the main power line and your home or business, call Oncor at 1-888-313-6862 for rates and scheduling of a temporary disconnect to allow the tree service you have hired to cut the limbs. You are urged to use caution around electrical lines and equipment and to never trim trees around power lines yourself. The City of Kennedale does not trim tree limbs on private property or within electrical easements.

Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair

by Mayor Brian Johnson | Originally published in the TownCenter Herald

Transportation infrastructure impacts a community's economic development, air quality, and sustainability, and it's one of the major issues in Tarrant County — and our nation.

Experts estimate that the United States needs $1.3 trillion in roadway and bridge repairs, and, on the expansion side, we must recognize that future transportation plans must be multi-modal — including sidewalks, hike-and-bike trails, and rail lines.

After years of under-funding transportation, the state legislature has begun allocating more resources to address the condition of our roadway system.

Locally, the condition of our street system was one of the main concerns expressed by residents in the last Strategic Plan — Imagine Kennedale 2015. Because of that, we've focused on repairing and upgrading city-maintained streets since the completion of that document in 2009.

For those who might not be familiar, a Strategic Plan is one of several governance documents that guide Council's decisions regarding fund allocation and project prioritization.

Now that the Resident Survey is complete, we'll begin the process of updating the Strategic Plan, with an eye towards 2025. There will be two key opportunities for resident input in the coming months (dates below), and we hope you'll participate. At the regional level, Kennedale leadership participates in the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition (TRTC), which advocates on behalf of the North Texas Region for increased funding for transportation. Visit TRTC Mobility to learn more.