Roundabout Navigation

Roundabouts have two major advantages:

  • They keep traffic flowing, unlike two- or four-way stops, which halt and slow traffic
  • They protect air quality, as the pollution caused by idling vehicles is greatly reduced

There are several roundabouts in Kennedale, and often residents have questions about how to properly and safely navigate within them.

How to Navigate a Roundabout

  1. As you approach the roundabout, slow down and YIELD to pedestrians, bicyclists, and existing traffic
  2. Turn right to enter the roundabout; All traffic flows in a counterclockwise direction (NO left turns)
  3.  The elevated brick areas are landscaping features and should not be used as driving lanes
  4. Use your right turn signal to indicate your intention to exit the roundabout*

*  Some roundabouts have dedicated right-turn lanes to alleviate school and rush hour traffic; drivers may make a right-hand turn by using either the dedicated turn lane or by entering the roundabout as usual

Round-About Instructions Diagram