TPCA Recognized Police Department

What is the Law Enforcement Agency Best Practices Recognition Program?

This voluntary program requires a police agency to demonstrate compliance with 164 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices. Since the program's inception in 2006, more than fifty agencies, including Kennedale, have been recognized.

How were these Best Practices developed?

Texas law enforcement professionals carefully crafted the standards to promote efficient and effective delivery of service, reduction of risk, and protection of individuals' rights. A committee of chiefs of police reviewed proposed standards, which were then tested by several Texas agencies and adjusted to be both appropriate and achievable. That same committee of nine police chiefs now conducts the final review of each agency's efforts and awards Recognized status when deemed appropriate.

How do you get to be Recognized?

An agency must undertake a careful internal review of its policies, procedures, equipment, facilities, and operations. After an independent review of the agency's written documents and proofs, a team of assessors is sent to review the department's operations and facilities, and to interview staff members. A final report outlining the findings is sent to the Recognition Committee.

How long are you Recognized?

Recognized status is awarded for a four-year period, during which the agency submits annual reports to demonstrate continued compliance. During the fourth year, the agency must prepare updated documentation on all Best Practices and another on-site review is conducted. The Recognition Committee then votes to approve Recognized status for another four years.

2022 TPCA Annual Report