Crime Prevention

To request any of these services, please call 817-985-2160, ext. 2201. 

Protect Your Property with Operation

The Operation ID program helps law enforcement detect, identify, and return stolen or lost property to its rightful owner. The Operation ID program involves marking or engraving property with an identifying number (your Driver's License number is recommended) and displaying a window decal to discourage burglary and theft.

Operation ID

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Increased Patrol

If you've seen something in your neighborhood that makes you feel uneasy, you can ask for more frequent patrol. You can also request directed traffic patrols in any specific area where you've noticed unsafe driving.

Vacation Checks

If you are planning to be away from your home for seventy-two (72) hours or more, you may request that your home be checked regularly by patrol officers.

vacation check

Community Presentations & Education

The Kennedale Police Department (KPD) maintains a diverse staff of talented individuals who are available for community presentations on a variety of subject matters. In the past, presentations have been made regarding:

  • Holiday theft prevention
  • Neighborhood security
  • Personal safety

Officer Valentin- Officer Huffnagle -ACO JD at Fellowship Academy 03-04-2022

KPD Ride-Along Program

Our ride-along program is for adults who are interested in observing the daily functions of a police officer. Participants can request to accompany an officer on city patrol in a marked KPD squad car as the officer answers calls, makes traffic stops, and completes other necessary duties. This is a great way to understand and appreciate the efforts of our department to protect residents and their properties.

Home and Business Security Surveys

Want to ensure that your home or business are as safe as possible? One of our officers will gladly inspect your property and provide recommendations for ways to increase your security. In some cases the results of this inspection along with a letter of compliance can be submitted to your property insurance for a discounted rate.

  • Stop mail, newspapers and other deliveries when you're out of town.
  • Install adequate outdoor lights.
  • Draw shades at night. 
  • When away, place timers on lights and windows.
  • Keep any valuable outdoor equipment inside your closed and locked garage.
  • Make sure there is no access to any ladders.
  • Install quality doors with deadbolt locks.
  • A peephole should be used on the front door.
  • Never leave a key under the mat.
  • Keep shrubs trimmed away from windows and doors.