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Request for Public Information

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  2. This form can be used to request records from the City of Kennedale. Only written requests trigger a governmental body’s obligations under the Public Information Act (PIA). In accordance with the PIA (, records will be provided as soon as time allows.
    If the request requires more than ten (10) business days or an opinion must be sought from the Office of the Attorney General, you will be notified. The City Secretary’s Office does NOT provide Police Records (such as accident and incident reports).
  3. Requestor Information
  4. Please leave a number where you can be reached during the hours of M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  5. This field MUST be completed if you wish to receive the request information electronically.
  6. Please provide a description of the information sought that is detailed enough for city staff to quickly and accurately locate the proper document(s). If further clarification is needed, you will be contacted by the city.
  7. Preferred Format*
  8. By typing my name in the box above, I am formally requesting the following information/documents, and understand that, Pursuant to §552.2615 of the PIA, there may be charges for copies of public records, and that payment may be required prior to the discovery and/or release of any responsive documents.
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