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  2. Residents are asked to submit odor complaints via this form.
    To expedite the tracking of odor reports from residents living or traveling near the Fort Worth South East Landfill, the City of Kennedale would appreciate you taking the time to complete this form, which will be submitted to Republic Services (as the site operator) and the City of Fort Worth (as the site owner). City of Kennedale staff will also receive a copy of your submission. However, this form does *not* submit to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

    BACKGROUND: Staff from the cities of Kennedale and Fort Worth met with representatives from Republic Services Thursday, February 4, 2016 to discuss increased odor complaints. During the meeting and tour of the landfill, the discussion focused on both current and planned efforts to minimize odors. If you do notice an unpleasant odor, please complete the following form. Your reports help Republic staff adjust their odor patrol route around the landfill and town, which is done multiple times a day This is why being as specific as possible about where and when you noticed the smell is so important.

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  7. Odor Report
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  8. When did you notice the odor?
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  10. This could be an actual physical address, the nearest intersection, or a landmark.
  11. In your own words... What does it smell like?
  12. Please let us know if you see a trend regarding time or conditions that seem to make the odor stronger or more noticeable.
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