What are the duties and powers of a Councilmember?

The Charter (§3.04) states that  all powers of the City shall be vested in the City Council. The City Council shall exercise these powers to ensure the performance of all duties and obligations imposed on the City by law and by this Charter. Specifically, the City Council is provided with, but not limited to, the following powers:

(a) To enact municipal legislation.
(b) To appoint or elect and to remove, after a hearing, all persons appointed or elected by the City Council.
(c) To establish the compensation for all City officers.
(d) To create, change, or abolish all offices, departments, and agencies of the City government other than those offices and agencies created by this Charter; and to assign additional duties and powers consistent with this Charter to officers, departments, and agencies created by this Charter.
(e) To establish operating policy.
(f) To establish the boundaries of the City.

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