What are the duties and powers of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem?

The Charter (§3.03) states that the Mayor shall preside at City Council meetings, and shall be recognized as head of the City government. The Mayor shall have the right to vote only in the event of a tie. The Mayor shall also have veto power. The City Council shall elect one of its members Mayor Pro Tem. The Mayor Pro Tem shall act as Mayor in the absence of the Mayor and shall have the same duties and power as the Mayor except veto power. The Mayor Pro Tem shall retain the right to vote as a Council member.

The Mayor may exercise veto power over a Council action within five (5) working days of that action. The Mayor shall give written notice of a veto to the City Secretary. Upon proper notice, Council action to consider overriding a veto shall be an agenda item at the next scheduled Council meeting. The decision of the Council to override a veto is not subject to veto by the Mayor and becomes effective immediately.

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