Addressing the City Council

The City Council is interested in the concerns of all residents and welcomes their input. Anyone can address the Council by submitting a "Speaker Request Form (PDF)" before the start of a Regular Meeting. These forms are available on a table as you walk into Council Chambers. See the "Visitor and Citizen Forum" section below for more information.

An agenda is prepared for each regular or special Council meeting and is posted in the entry foyer of City Hall and online at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Find out more about Open Government in Texas (including the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act) at the Attorney General's website.

Regular City Council Meetings Typically Include the Following

  • Work Session at 5:30 p.m.
    This is the time when the Council receives information but does not take action.
  • Regular Session at 7:00 p.m.
    This is when the Council considers and takes action.
    • Roll Call
      For the Council to act, a quorum (three members, not counting the Mayor) must be present.
    • Invocation
      If you'd be interested in offering the invocation at an upcoming meeting, please email the City Secretary.
    • Pledges of Allegiance
      To the United States and Texas flags
    • Visitor/Citizens Forum
      At this time, any person may address the City Council, provided that a ‘Speaker Request Form (PDF)’ is submitted to the City Secretary before the Regular Session begins (at 7:00 p.m.). Speakers are allotted three (3) minutes, should begin by stating their full name and address for the records, must limit their comments to the subject indicated on the submitted form, and should address the Council as a whole, rather than individual Councilmembers or staff. Please understand that due to Open Meeting Act requirements, Council is unable to discuss or take action on the items you present during the current meeting  (see Section 551.042 of the Texas Local Government Code). Those wishing to speak about an agenda item should indicate as much on the “Speaker Request Form” and will be called upon to speak when the Council considers that item.
    • Reports and Announcements
      In addition to any items listed on the agenda, the Mayor and Council may give or receive reports regarding items of community interest, including, but not limited to, recognition of officials, citizens, staff, or departments; information regarding holiday schedules; and upcoming or attended events.
    • Monitoring Information
      Presentation of standard financial and other reporting.
    • Required Approval Items (Consent Agenda)
      Consent items are matters that have appeared on previous agendas, require little or no deliberation, or are considered routine (e.g., minutes approval). These are bundled into a single item in order to expedite the meeting. However, items can be moved from the Consent Agenda for discussion at the request of any single Councilmember.
    • Decision Items
      This portion of the meeting includes public hearings, proposed ordinances, and items forwarded from advisory boards for consideration. The Council will discuss and act upon each item individually. Anyone wishing to speak regarding an item should submit a "Speaker Request Form (PDF)" form to the City Secretary before the Regular Session begins (at 7:00 p.m.).
    • Executive (Closed) Session
      The Council may meet in closed session at any time during the Work Session or the Regular Session, pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code for consultation with the City Attorney pertaining to any matter in which the duty of the City Attorney under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct may conflict with the Open Meetings Act, including discussion on any item posted on the agenda.
    • Reconvene into Open Session and Take Action Necessary Pursuant to Executive Session
    • Adjournment