Code Compliance


Code Compliance protects property values and promotes quality of life by ensuring that maintenance and safety standards are uniformly enforced through proactive community surveys, systematic inspections, and concentrated efforts at problem properties.

Our goal is to obtain voluntary compliance through education and appeals to civic duty. In most cases, an inspector’s first course of action is to issue written notice to the owner or person in control of the property in violation. Citations are issued as a last resort and are easily avoided through responsible action.

We Administer Ordinances Pertaining To:

  • Business sign placement and usage
  • Mobile home and RV usage and locations
  • Natural resource management
  • Parking of trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles
  • Proper sanitation (prohibiting health nuisances, harboring, breeding, and illegal dumping)
  • Property and structure maintenance
  • Property rehabilitation and conservation
  • Safety of existing properties — both residential and commercial
  • Stormwater discharge and water quality
  • Zoning violations and land use issues

Other Services

  • Commercial and residential inspections
  • Regulation of home-based businesses
  • Inspections for rubbish, debris, junk vehicles, and substandard structures
  • Response to reported complaint

How to File a Complaint

You can help in our investigation by reporting the correct and exact address of the violation and clearly stating the problem including as many specific details as possible. Once your complaint is received, our Code Compliance Officer will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Citation Information

Code violations are Class C Misdemeanors, which result in fines only. Violators cannot be jailed for these infractions alone. However, failing to make an appearance in court, as instructed in the citation, can result in a "Failure to Appear" charge and a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. An individual can be found guilty of failing to appear even if found innocent of the initial violation in which he or she was charged. Ordinances carry fines up to $2,000.00. 

Citations or tickets are issued when an individual fails to comply with an ordinance. The individual may plead no contest or guilty and pay a preset fine or may plead not guilty and request a court date. Defendants may choose a trial by judge or by jury.

Be Mosquito Free - Horizontal

To report standing water, please use our online reporting form or call 817-985-2170 and leave your name, contact information, and the exact location of the water that needs to be treated. Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) has a website dedicated to mosquito prevention. You can also follow them on Facebook.

View Arbovirus Reports

TCPH reminds residents of the importance of taking personal protective measures to safeguard against mosquito-borne illnesses. Residents should routinely dump standing water on their property, use repellent, and dress for dusk to dawn.