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Court Date Request

  1. COURT  (1)
  2. Instructions:

    If you would like to request a Court Hearing for a citation that you received in the City of Kennedale, please fill out form bellow. You must complete this request and and submit all documentation required. It is your responsibility to follow up with the court at 817-985-2140 to verify receipt of your request. After your request is reviewed, the court will MAIL you a court date notice. False statements to the Court will be considered perjury and referred to the Tarrant County District Attorney's office for prosecution.

    Please note: Not all violations are eligible for a court date.

  3. Court Date Request

    I, the undersigned, do hereby request that this matter be placed on the next available court docket, and understand that a notice will be mailed and emailed to the addresses below and it will be my responsibility to verify the date of the court docket hearing. Should I decide to handle this matter by mail (or in person at the clerk’s office), I agree to do so on or before the court appearance date, by having my mail postmarked, hand delivered or paid online with the understanding that this constitutes a plea of guilty and will result in a conviction on my driving record for moving/traffic offenses.


  5. Acknowledgement*
    • I acknowledge that I must appear as ordered by the Court.
    •  I acknowledge that I do NOT have an outstanding warrant for my arrest or have failed to appear to court (contact the court to request a bond hearing). 
    •  I acknowledge that I have not previously entered a plea.
    •  I acknowledge that I am only allowed one reset and I MUST notify the Municipal Court in writing, 24 hours prior to the court date. *Failure to appear for this scheduled court date will result in a FAILURE TO APPEAR WARRANT. 
  6. Resets

    *This online hearing request CAN NOT be used to reschedule a Court date that has already been set.

    * If your case is currently in warrant status you must contact a Court Clerk to schedule a Court hearing as a bond may be required.

  7. Upload proof of Driver's License or Identification*

  9. By signing this form in the space provided above, I hereby swear and affirm that the information provided above is correct.

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