Fire Review

Effective September 1, 2023, the Kennedale Fire Marshal's Office will be utilizing third-party plan review service to supplement our plan review process.

The following plans will require plan review by third-party prior to submittal for permit:

  • Fire Sprinkler Plans - new systems and system modifications (not otherwise exempt - see below)
  • Fire Alarms Plans - new systems and system modifications (not otherwise exempt- see below)
  • Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Systems - new systems and system modifications (not othe1wise exempt -see below)
  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage/ BDA Systems (* will denote Firms that can review these systems)
  • Special Hazard Fire systems - new and modifications

Steps for Third-Party Review:


Step 1 - Submit your plans to selected third-party firm for our approved firm list (see below).

If you would like to utilize an alternative firm, please contact our office for approval. Contractor shall pay all fees associated with third-party review directly to third-party firm.

Step 2 - Submit the following items to the Kennedale Fire Marshal's Office for permit approval.

  •  A completed Alarm / Sprinkler Permit Application (available on website)
  • An electronic copy (PDF) of reviewed plans and all associated documents. Submitted plans shall bear the stamp and signature of the 3rd party review firm and the contractor's design professional.
  • Send all above documents to or deliver in person to 405 Municipal Dr., Kennedale, TX 76060

Step 3 - Obtain Stamped Plans

Upon receipt and review of required documents in the proper format, a permit from the City of Kennedale will be issued. A stamped set of the plans and copy of your permit will be emailed to you upon payment received.

Approved List of Third-Party Review Firms:

 * Ronald B Coker PE Coker Engineering LLC

Texas Registered Engineering Firm F-5541 1540 Keller Pkwy #108-319

Keller TX 76248 817.739.8333 cell

* Mark Hasenmyer, PE

MEH Fire Protection Engineering, LLC

4200 Broadway, #2301, Flower Mound, TX 75028

6608 N. Western Avenue, #1502, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

972-874-2662 (office)

469-235-3154 (cell)

* Scott Whinery, P.E.

Fire Protection Engineer Knight Fire Protection Engineering, LLC

1700 Yosemite Lane | Keller, TX 76248 T: (817)-567-1763 | C: (405)-269-9390

Texas Registered Engineering Firm No. F-15383