Are you interested in learning more about solar?

Visit the North Central Texas Council of Government's GoSolarTexas website for information on solar rights, installers, incentives, and financing. Kennedale is proud to be one of the first cities in North Texas to pursue designation as a SolSmart community. Solar PV metrics are available on NCTCOG's map of local SolSmart cities.

Information for homeowners and business owners

Are you interested in installing solar energy equipment at your home or at your business? You will need a solar installer (contractor) to do the work in compliance with city code. Your installer will need to submit plans for the work to be done, and after the plans have been reviewed and approved, the city will issue a permit to the installer.

Find out more about solar use in Kennedale in Section 11.37 of the Unified Development Code (UDC) (PDF).

After the work is done, the installer will call the permits office and request an inspection. The building official will then schedule a time to inspect the work. When the installation passes inspection, the building official will issue a "green tag" and approve the work.

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