Juveniles & Minors

Juvenile Information

A juvenile is a person between the age of ten (10) and sixteen (16) years of age. The Kennedale Municipal Court has jurisdiction over juveniles charged with Class C misdemeanor offenses (with the exception of public intoxication). Once the offense has been filed, the court will automatically generate a parental summons due to the fact that state law mandates that all juveniles are required to appear in open court before the judge with their parent or legal guardian. Failure to appear for this scheduled court date may result in the suspension of the juvenile's driver's license or the inability to obtain one through the Department of Public Safety. This is also true for any juvenile who fails to comply with the judge's orders after appearing in court. Included with the summons is a Statement Change Of Residential Address (Juvenile Continuing Obligation) (PDF), informing both the juvenile and guardian of their continued obligation to the court even after the initial appearance has been made. This form must be completed by both the juvenile and the parent or guardian and submitted to the clerk on the scheduled court date.

A minor is a person between the age of seventeen (17) and twenty (20) years of age. State law requires that all minors charged with status related offenses must appear in open court; however, a parent or legal guardian is not required.

A status related offense is a violation of the law only because of the violator's age. For example, alcohol and tobacco related offenses.

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