Building Permits

General Permits

You can apply for permits, business licenses, and certificates of occupancy in-person at the permits window in City Hall (405 Municipal Drive). Copies of applications will also be sent to you by fax or email upon request. 

Information about building permits is provided below. Links to permit applications for other permit types (electrical, mechanical, fence, etc.) are provided at the bottom of this page.

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Building Permits Must Include

Prior to inspections, all construction sites must clearly post the street number and have a silt fence in place.

  • Completed Residential Building Permit Application (PDF); or Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF) (for commercial or industrial use)
  • Complete set of working plans and specifications, including:
    • Foundation plan with designing engineer's seal and signature
    • A detailed letter containing:
      • Detailed soil analysis
      • Seal and signature of the engineer
      • Specific property identification (address, lot, block, and subdivision)
  • Floor Plan
  • Four (4) Elevations
  • Engineer's Compaction Certificate
    NOTE: All portions of the foundation must penetrate, at least six (6) inches into undisturbed soil, regardless of the depth of fill applied; Must be compacted to 95% standard proctor dry density; Samples shall be taken at the rate of one (1) per lift or fill shall not exceed three (3) horizontal to one (1) vertical, except for use of retaining walls or other slope control devices.
  • Specification of materials and products used, including:
    • Any and all other regarding contents and materials used in the structure
    • Grade and size of lumber
    • HVAC information
    • The spacing of joists and rafters
    • Type of doors and windows
    • Type of kitchen equipment
    • Type of insulation
  • Copy of the plat showing location of the structure and including:
    • Any and all Easements
    • Building Line
    • Drainage Information
      NOTE: Displayed by red arrows indicating the direction of flow
    • Front, Side, and Rear Setback Distances
  • Some projects will also require a professional engineer (PDF), an architect (PDF), or an asbestos survey (PDF)


  1.  The City of Kennedale operates under the following codes, approved by City Council on April 21, 2020, (Ordinance 691, effective May 15, 2020).

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