New Service

The City of Kennedale's Utility Billing and Customer Service is provided by the City of Arlington.

Call 817-985-2120 or visit

Residential Water Meters

  • Call 817-985-2120
  • Security Deposit
    • $90.00 per meter (property owner)
    • $150.00 per meter (tenant/renter)

Additional information may be required, depending on account history.

Commercial Water Meters

  • Call 817-985-2120
  • Certificate of Occupancy (CO) (PDF)
  • Valid Driver's License or State-Issued ID Card
  • Security Deposit
    • $150.00 per meter (normal commercial water use)
    • 1/6th of Estimated Monthly Billing (high water use, e.g. car wash, restaurant, concrete, or school)

Construction (Fire Hydrant) and Gas Well Meters  

In order to establish service for a construction (fire hydrant) or gas well account, an applicant must appear in person at the Utility Billing window in City Hall (405 Municipal Drive) with the following:

For questions, call 817-985-2120.