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Water Service Application


  2. Fill out the fields below in order to establish water service.

    If you need assistance please contact Fathom at 1-855-203-1318. If you would like to print and submit this form you can fax (623-580-9659) or mail it to Fathom (21410 N 19th Avenue #201; Phoenix, AZ 85027)

  3. Primary Account Holder

  4. Secondary Account Holder

  5. Where are you moving to?

  6. Addressing*

  7. Where would you like your mail to go if not your physical address?

  8. Account Type*

    *Additional information and/or deposits may be required under certain circumstances.

  9. Expect A Call

    A Fathom representative will be contacting you within 3 business days to collect the deposit and establish your move in.


  11. Chloramines in Water

    In June 2011, the City of Kennedale changed the disinfectant that we use from chlorine to chloramines. This change was necessary in order to blend purchased surface water from the City of Fort Worth with the Kennedale well water. Since they treat surface water, the City of Ft. Worth utilizes chloramines as their disinfectant in order to reduce the levels of disinfection byproducts in the system, while still providing protection from waterborne disease. Chloramines can cause problems to persons dependent on dialysis machines. A condition known as hemolytic anemia can occur if the disinfectant is not completely removed from the water that is used for the dialysate. Consequently, the pretreatment scheme used for the dialysis units must include some means, such as a charcoal filter, for removing the chloramine. In addition, chloraminated water may be toxic to fish. If you have a fish tank, please make sure that the chemicals or filters that you are using are designed for use in water that has been treated with chloramines. You may also need to change the type of filter that you use for fish tanks.

  12. En junio de 2011, la ciudad cambió el desinfectante que utilizamos de cloro a cloraminas. Este cambio era necesario con el fin de mezclar el agua de superficie comprada a la ciudad de Fort Worth con el agua del pozo Kennedale. Desde que tratan a las aguas superficiales, la ciudad de Fort Worth utiliza cloraminas como desinfectante de su fin de reducir los niveles de subproductos de la desinfección en el sistema, sin dejar de ofrecer protección contra las enfermedades transmitidas por el agua. Las cloraminas pueden causar problemas a las personas dependientes de las máquinas de diálisis. Una condición conocido como anemia hemolítica puede ocurrir si el desinfectante no se elimina completamente del agua que se utiliza para el dializado. En consecuencia, el pretratamiento utilizado para las unidades de diálisis debe incluir algunos medios, tales como un filtro de carbón, para eliminar la cloramina. Además, el agua cloraminada puede ser tóxico para los peces. Si usted tiene un tanque de peces, por favor asegúrese de que los productos químicos o filtros que está utilizando están diseñados para su uso en el agua que ha sido tratada con cloraminas. También puede ser necesario cambiar el tipo de filtro que se utiliza para los tanques de peces.

  13. Turn on/Reconnect*

    In the unlikely event of any property damage associated with service (re)activation without you being present, do you agree to accept full responsibility for any possible damage that may occur due to uncontrolled water flow beyond the meter, inside the home, such as a leaking faucet, plumbing fixtures or appliances?

  14. As you DO NOT AGREE to the disclaimer please provide a date you would like to schedule your turn on for water service.

  15. By typing my name in the box above, I verify that all information included on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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