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City Secretary Forms

  1. Application to Serve on an Advisory Board
  2. Request for Public Information

    Open Records Act / Texas Public Information Act

  1. Odor Reporting

    Residents are asked to submit odor complaints via this form. This information will be sent to landfill management and staff at both... More…

  2. YAC: Application


  1. City Council and Mayor
  2. City Council Place 2

    Liz Carrington

  3. City Council Place 4

    Kelly Turner (Mayor Pro Tem)

  4. City Manager

    George Campbell

  5. City Secretary, Deputy

    Kathy Moore

  6. Development Services
  7. Finance Director
  8. Finance: Accounts Payable and Payroll Clerk
  9. Fire Department
  10. Keep Kennedale Beautiful (KKB)
  11. Library Clerk Laura Smith
  12. Library Director
  13. Mayor Brian Johnson
  14. Municipal Court Administrator Melinda Davis
  15. Permits: Administrative Assistant
  16. Permits: Building Official Sandra Johnson
  17. Planning: Community Development Director & Planner Rachel Roberts
  18. Police Chief Tommy Williams
  19. Police Department
  20. Police Detective Jason Charbonnet
  21. Police Officer James Peterson
  22. Police Officer Ryan Heath
  23. Police Receptionist Lori Stevenson
  24. Police Records Clerk Pam White
  25. Police Sergeant Chris Kjelsen
  26. Police: School Resource Officer for KHS James (Rufus) Clark
  27. Public Works Administrative Assistant Gloria Rangel
  28. Public Works Crewleader Stanford Rountree
  29. Public Works Field Worker Bradley Dennis
  30. Public Works Field Worker James Phillips
  31. Public Works Superintendent Larry Hoover
  32. Public Works: Water Division
  33. Utility Billing Administrator
  34. Water Utilities Analyst/Operator Mary Goza
  1. City Council Place 1

    Charles Overstreet

  2. City Council Place 3

    Mike Walker

  3. City Council Place 5

    Frank Fernandez

  4. City Secretary

    Leslie Galloway

  5. Code Enforcement Officer Charles Comeaux
  6. Finance Department
  7. Finance: Accounting Technician
  8. Fire Chief Mike McMurray
  9. Human Resources Director Kelly Cooper
  10. Library
  11. Library Clerk Melinda Middleton
  12. Mayor Brian Johnson
  13. Municipal Court
  14. Permits Department
  15. Permits: Building Official
  16. Permits: Certificates of Occupancy/Business Licenses
  17. Police Captain Darrell Hull
  18. Police Chief Tommy Williams
  19. Police Detective Eric Carlson
  20. Police Detective Stephen Dagnell
  21. Police Officer Jamie Drzewiecki
  22. Police Officer Tara Culpepper
  23. Police Records Clerk Pam White
  24. Police Sergeant Bryan Goode
  25. Police: Animal Control Services

    Dianna Garcia

  26. Police: School Resource Officer to KJH Nathan Dancer
  27. Public Works Crewleader George Casas
  28. Public Works Director Larry Ledbetter
  29. Public Works Field Worker Eric Sanchez
  30. Public Works Field Worker Jose Jimenez
  31. Public Works: Streets & Parks
  32. Utility Billing
  33. Water & Wastewater: Utility Operator Micah Taylor

Keep Kennedale Beautiful Forms

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Request Form

    Adopt-A-Spot is a community based program developed by the Keep Kennedale Beautiful Commission to give individuals, families, and... More…