Garage Sale Information


General Regulations

  • (a) The permit fee is $10 (download an application).
  • (b) No more than three (3) garage sales may be conducted on a residential premises per calendar year.
  • (c) The duration of a garage sale may not exceed three (3) consecutive days.
  • (d) One (1) garage sale permit per calendar year may be deferred to the following weekend of the scheduled garage sale at the discretion of the applicant.
  • (e) No more than six (6) signs may be displayed to advertise the garage sale.

Garage sale signs are subject to the following rules, regulations and restrictions:

  1. The signs shall be no greater than two (2) square feet in area.
  2. The top of the sign shall be no higher than thirty (30) inches above the surrounding grade.
  3. Please be careful when using metal or wooden stakes to minimize risk to buried utilities.
  4. Signs shall be placed no closer than six (6) feet from any road surface or curb, nor closer than twenty (20) feet of any intersection.
  5. Signs shall have the garage sale permit number clearly and legibly marked on them with numbers at least one (1) inch high.
  6. Signs shall not be placed on any utility pole, traffic sign pole, or other structure within the right-of-way.
  7. Signs shall not be placed within the Business 287 overlay district. The Business 287 overlay district includes all property within the city which is located within three hundred (300) feet of Business Highway 287.
  8. Any person placing a sign on private property must first obtain permission from the owner or occupancy of the premises.
  9. All signs shall be removed by the garage sale applicant no later than noon on the day following the completion of the garage sale.
  10. Garage sale signs not in compliance with the rules, regulations and restrictions in this section shall be subject to removal, and a fine.