Roundabout Navigation

Four roundabouts have now been completed in Kennedale, and many residents have questions on how to properly and safely navigate these new traffic features.

How to Navigate a Roundabout:
  1. As you approach the roundabout, Slow down and YIELD to pedestrians, bicyclists, and existing traffic.
  2. Turn right to enter the roundabout. All traffic flows in a counterclockwise direction (NO left turns).
  3. Use your right turn signal to indicate your intention to exit the roundabout. *(the roundabouts on Wildcat Way/Little School Road and on Wildcat Way/Sublett Road have dedicated right turn lanes in some areas. This is to alleviate school and rush hour traffic. You may make a right hand turn by using either the dedicated right turn lane or by entering the roundabout).
  4. Exit the roundabout and continue on your way.
Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic moving, unlike a two or four way stop which halt and slow traffic. The elevated brick areas are landscaping features and are not driving lanes. While they will take some getting used to, the safety features of the roundabouts will greatly benefit drivers, pedestrians, and traffic flow in the long run. Roundabout design also greatly assists with air quality improvement as pollution caused by idling vehicles is greatly reduced. Please visit for detailed information on roundabouts, including a Public Service Announcement video and instructions created by the Youth Advisory Council.