Licenses, Building Permits, and Inspections

Permits & Inspections

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Business Licenses

Home Occupation Business Permit Application (PDF)
Business licenses must be renewed annually. Applications can also be obtained at the Permits window in City Hall.

Certificates of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy Application (PDF).
These certificates are issued once but require annual inspections.

Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration Application (PDF)
Registration valid for one year.


Request an Inspection
For more information, visit our Inspections page.

Liquid Waste Hauling and Backflow Testing

These permits are issued through the City of Arlington.

Building Permits

View more information and links to building permit applications.

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All applications are also available at the Permits window in City Hall.
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Schedule of Fees


Fees associated with licenses, permits, inspections, and all other administrative tasks are are listed in the Code of Ordinances, or the Fee Schedule (PDF).


  1.  The City of Kennedale operates under the following codes, approved by City Council on August 15, 2016, (Ordinance 603).

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